1,959 Nomination Signatures Filed Today

Author: bcrawford
May 18, 2012
Scottsdale, AZ, Bill Crawford, Candidate for Scottsdale City Council in the 2012 election filed 1,959 nomination signatures today with the Scottsdale City Clerk's Office. The requirement is 1,000 signatures.

Bill said, " As a downtown resident and 35 year business owner, I have the knowledge, experience and skills to achieve compatibility with the diversity in Scottsdale. This is a serious election, the stakes are high. I have committed the time, dedication and proven track record for getting things done. My presence on the city council is extremely important in order to protect, insure and preserve Scottsdale’s quality of life and promote vitality compatible with our valuable brand."

He also expressed his gratitude for all the people who helped him in the signature gathering process. Bill looks forward to the voters of Scottsdale exercising their opportunity to speak in the upcoming election.


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