Archery Hunting In Preserve

Author: bcrawford

With regards to archery hunting in the preserve; I have been doing some research on this issue. By definition, hunting live animals in a "Preserve" is a total contradiction. According to Webster's; preserve means to keep safe from harm or injury; protect or spare. The Preserve is an urban park filled with people, many visiting as tourists from eastern cities. Is the image wild pigs being slaughtered with primitive arrows what we want for our image? That's the face value, emotional side of the story. There is another side to this issue. An unmanaged explosion of havalina in the preserve would present another set of problems. This is why we need a study to find out where the facts are. If the population needs to be managed, is it a bad thing for the state to have people paying to participate in the management process?

Let's not turn this into a political football just yet. Please resist the temptation until the facts are in.

I have asked Governor Brewer and the Arizona Game and Fish Department to undertake a study so we can have an intelligent debate on this matter and find a resolution.

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