Development Questions

Author: bcrawford

Here are two questions I recently received from a Scottsdale voter and my answers:

Is it necessary to balance the needs of developers and business owners with the needs and desires of current Scottsdale voters, or should the needs and desires of the voters always take precedent over the needs of the developers and business owners? There should be a serious effort to find a compromise, with the default position clearly giving the advantage to the residents, who are predominately voters. If the developers know this going in, we will have more resident compatible developments. At the present time, they ask for everything because the know there will be no or little resistance at the council. In the end, the residents should have the last word.

Can a city councilperson really serve two masters? Yes. This is where the skills of a seasoned businessman and negotiator can be put to use for the benefit of Scottsdale residents and the development community. Shaping the inevitability of progress is a difficult task. Shaping, influencing and forging compromise can prove to be a win-win for everyone.

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