This is a very sad report from the bar district last night (06-29, 2014) a young girl with her life ahead of her broke her neck in the Bar District when the golf cart she was a passenger in flipped over. If I am elected to the Scottsale City Council I promise to clean up our doiwntown and I will keep you safe. 

This is the communication from the Scottsdale Police Depaerment: 

Logged By TJENSEN 
DR Number 14-14190 
Report Date 6/29/2014 
Report Time 0341 
Beat 6 
Location 4375 N. 75th street Scottsdale, AZ 
Victim Driver's side rear passenger-Natalie De Pace, W/F 06/19/1985 Gilbert resident (serious injury) Passenger side rear passenger-Paul Archer, B/M 03/27/1983 Tempe resident (minor injury) 
Suspect Vehicle 1996 Clubc Golfcart AZ-A M/CGW8 Driver-Akop Akopyan, W/M 05/31/1980 Phoenix resident (serious injury) 
Details Vehicle #1 was traveling south on 75th street approaching Stetson when it struck a slight depression in the roadway related to a construction cutout in the asphalt. Once the vehicle front tires struck this depression the front wheels broke off of the vehicle causing it to rollover. The driver suffered a broken ankle. (Unknown seatbelt use, but not secured properly to vehicle) The driver’s side rear passenger suffered a broken arm, broken neck and lost several teeth. (No seatbelt available for use in the vehicle) The passenger side rear passenger suffered minor abrasions, reported neck and back pain. (No seatbelt available for use in the vehicle) All patients treated at SHC Osborn. VCRU responded for disposition. Detective Houk is the case detective. Risk Management notified. Watch Commander on scene, TES Lieutenant notified. Roadway closed for approximately 5 hours. 

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