My Goals 2014

Author: bcrawford

When elected I will be a strong voice to represent the citizens of Scottsdale. I believe the mayor and council majority appear to be non- responsive when it comes to residents and small business concerns and the decision making process regarding incompatible zoning, conditional use permits, public safety and quality of life. · Approve a General Plan that protects residents while promoting manageable growth. We must guard against a General Plan that is too specific and restrictive. Less detail. Less “all inclusive” less micromanagement and more of a “General Plan”. · Realign policy with the City of Scottsdale Charter. · Pro-active in protecting and preserving public safety and quality of life city-wide. · Ensure fiscal responsibility and transparency to the taxpayers. · Maintain our high standards regarding vibrant communities. Strengthen neighborhoods, especially residential components. This includes insuring compatibility with future developments impacting residential communities. Influence investment in public schools, parks and recreation and the Preserve. Stimulate revitalization and assist in developing businesses providing employment opportunities. · Complete the Preserve. This includes preserving our natural resources and environment. · Partner with the Scottsdale Unified School District to incentivize the district and neighborhoods to improve our school system overall. · Promote economic vitality and employment through tourism and business development. I will be there to promote and protect our valuable brand while ensuring compatibility and quality of life for our citizens. · Pass bonds that are appropriate for the financial needs regarding aging infrastructure and critical capital improvements. This is an important investment in Scottsdale’s future. · Develop and ensure our comprehensive financial plan is viable to fund capital improvements and replacement of aging infrastructure. Maintain our AAA bond rating and offer palatable, simple bond packages to the voters. Ensure we have adequate resources to finance our public safety programs and enhance transportation needs and parks and recreation amenities. · Achieve compatibility and public safety in the bar district. Our downtown is a critical component of our city-wide vision. If not balanced properly, we risk our quality of life, property values and our valuable Scottsdale brand. · Eliminate the opportunity for a property owner/developer to inflict intentional blight on a neighborhood for the purpose of moving a zoning change forward. · Institute a requirement for a completion bond or a predetermined stipulation for a sunset on entitlements if a project is not underway and or completed in a pre-set period of time to accompany an approval for large projects. As we have seen in the past, often the developer who is seeking the entitlements may not have the financial wherewithal to build the project. Sometimes they have no intention of building the project at all, but just want to package it and spin it off. If financing or a buyer is not obtainable, then the property sits vacant for years while it goes through the legal process. This can be eliminated with a completion bond. · Prioritize new business with economic development programs and simplification of the business development process free of burdensome rules, regulations and ordinances with the exception of public safety and quality of life. Adopt a business friendly attitude. Streamline the process and create incentives for relocation. Remove bureaucratic restrictions which serve as a disincentive for investment and job creation. As an experienced community leader, I understand balance is necessary so growth does not compromise and negatively impact surrounding neighborhoods. There needs to be a direct approach to compatibility. · Correct the unrealistic retirement payoffs and pension spiking programs for city employees.

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