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An open letter to Mayor Lane and the Scottsdale City Council,

Now that the plan to build the Desert Discovery Center (DDC) on pristine preserve land has been suspended for reconsideration, imagine, if you will, a world class compact complex featuring an expanded Scottsdale’s Museum of the West (SMoW), the Desert Discovery Center (DDC) and the Scottsdale Artists’ School (SAS) all together, with “for sale” residential on the top and parking on the bottom. Not only is this practical and possible, it is also affordable.

Our representative democracy requires that you not only represent the people, but also through strong leadership, direct the city for the common good. This includes making the right choices regarding the McDowell Mountain Preserve and the Desert Discovery Center.

Mayor Lane, you, and three other council members did the right thing by placing the DDC issue on a path which allows Scottsdale citizens to ultimately decide the fate of what, if anything, can be built on the peoples’ preserve. This is appropriate, because it was through public votes that the dream became a reality. The people voted to tax themselves to pay for it.

To honor the commitment of time, energy, money and voter initiatives invested in the creation of our priceless preserve, we must not hastily push the development of a high impact tourist attraction that negatively impacts a peaceful neighborhood and desecrates land that was set aside for preservation only. To be fair and consistent, this critical issue must be put to a public vote, allowing the real owners of the preserve to decide its fate. Additionally, prudent, fiscal municipal management and fiduciary responsibility demands it.

Not long ago, I presented a more affordable plan in a more appropriate location for the DDC in an article published in the Scottsdale Independent on February 17, 2016 titled: “Could downtown Scottsdale be the right fit for the Desert Discovery Center?”


The city council voted to undertake an independent study on DDC issues, including its location, how to build it, where to build it and how much should be spent on it. In a related item, the city council has also hired a consultant to evaluate ways to improve our downtown. Now would be the time in this complex evaluation process to include the consideration of this more modest and affordable DDC, located next to an expanded Scottsdale’s Museum of the West and the Scottsdale Artists’ School.

The challenge is to think creatively. How do we get a world class compact project (DDC, SMoW & SAS) built and paid for without cutting into our general budget, compromising operating expenses, capital projects and repairs city wide?

Here’s how: Clustering an expanded Scottsdale’s Museum of the West, the DDC and the Scottsdale Artists’ School on the La Loma site, with air rights sold to a “for sale” condominium developer (creating housing above the project with parking below), could in conjunction with tourism bed tax dollars pay for this DDC location, thus relieving stress on the city budget. There would also be plenty of room for the city’s desired public park.

Lessons learned from bad decisions in past difficult economic times requires creative leadership to guide the city now and in the future. Let’s put on our “big vision hat” and think outside the box, like previous leaders did with the Indian Bend Wash. This could be Scottsdale’s next “Big Idea”.

Thank you for your consideration,

Bill Crawford



















Why Not to Vote for Bob Littlefield

Author: bcrawford

We all want a Scottsdale City Government we can believe in and trust, and a mayor we can trust. I believe Mr. Littlefield’s mayoral effort should be confronted, and I question the motives and integrity of the Littlefields’ political endeavors.

I believe Mr. Littlefield is a political strategist, who has built his political machine pandering to special interests and to those who feel disenfranchised. Because of term limits, he could not serve more than twelve years on the city council. In 2014, unable to run for city council (after serving twelve years) his wife, Kathy Littlefield, ran in his place, while he ran a failed campaign for the state house. With Mr. Littlefield’s assistance, his wife won a seat on the council, thereby, replacing him. Now, he is running for mayor so both he and his wife can serve on the council at the same time. This is a continuance of Mr. Littlefield’s efforts to “stack” the council with candidates who align with him.

In 2004, when I chaired Council Districts of Scottsdale, Mr. Littlefield attended our meetings and appeared to support our endeavor.  When districting was defeated, the Arizona Republic published a photograph of Mr. Littlefield with then Mayor Mary Manross appearing to celebrate the defeat of districting, thus demonstrating Mr. Littlefield playing both sides of the issue.

As a result of Mr. Littlefield’s behavior, I came to the only conclusion one could have: Mr. Littlefield works both sides of the street. Therefore, I raise the question of trust and character. I believe he has betrayed his constituents, demonstrated by positions on issues such as – the Waterfront Towers, the airport, mass transportation, LBGT, Common Core and the bar district to name a few. Mr. Littlefield appears to do whatever is best for his political future.

In 2006, Mr. Littlefield was involved in the Nan Nesvig scandal (a petition signature issue). While it appeared Mr. Littlefield was trying to conceal his complicity, it was revealed he was involved up to his ears.

What about Mr. Littlefield’s involvement with an organization that mislead contributors? It was reported, by NPR KIS Radio, that approximately 90% of money raised through donations made to the Police Officers of Scottsdale Association (POSA) to buy toys for kids, instead actually went to a telemarketing company and POSA salaries. Remember the ads from AZCOP and POSA (who also supported Mr. Littlefield and Guy Phillips) that said, “Vote for only two: Kathy Littlefield and Cindy Hill”? Who really paid for those ads? Incidentally, the same people who ran POSA (including Cindy Hill) have resurfaced as Arizona Law Enforcement Outreach and Support (Arizona LEOS).

Another organization Mr. Littlefield has been involved with is COGS. In the 2014 campaign, the COGS PAC Board endorsed Kathy Littlefield, David Smith and me. Mr. Littlefield wanted them to endorse only his wife, Kathy, and Cindy Hill. When the board did otherwise, Mr. Littlefield telephonically yelled and screamed obscenities at me showing his mercurial temperament. Mr. Littlefield then spent considerable effort publicly attacking David Smith and me by misstating facts, making false accusations and misstating my positions.

During my participation in the 2014 forums, I observed Mr. Littlefield sitting in the front row coaching his wife, Kathy, who thumbed through a loose-leaf notebook and read answers to questions. I also observed her reading prepared statements on issues at council meetings. If Mr. Littlefield actually authored the scripted answers to the questions and statements Kathy read at council meetings, it is unethical at best and political fraud at worst.

We now must ask, is it appropriate to have 28.57% of the city council consisting of members of the same family controlling 28.57% of the seven council votes? I submit to you, it is not.

During his twelve years on council, Mr. Littlefield had an extensive history of voting “No” on most matters. If Mr. Littlefield is elected mayor and Guy Phillips is re-elected (with Kathy Littlefield remaining on council), he will have his “Party of No” team in place.

I believe we need real, genuine representation on the Scottsdale City Council. We need people who put the needs and interests of Scottsdale first. We need to say “NO” to career politicians who pander to special interests and preach demagoguery as a make believe solution. Then and only then can we have a Scottsdale City Council we can trust and believe in.

Should one Scottsdale council person be allowed to vote twice on issues? I don't think so. But that's exactly what is being proposed by Bob Littlefield, a candidate for the mayor's office. You see, Bob's wife was elected to the council in 2014. Bob worked very hard on her campaign. It wasn't the first time he's tried to stack the council. He worked on Guy Phillips campaign, and he worked hard promoting Cindy Hill's failed campaign. This latest stunt is the most egregious attempt yet by Bob to further his own personal agenda regardless of what's best for Scottsdale's citizens. The council should be a diverse group of representatives with different perspectives and view points, debating the issues and reaching a consensus. It's hard to imagine any genuine distinction between the two Littlefields. We've already had twelve years of Bob on the city council and we get two more years of his wife Kathy. I believe the Littlefield's party of "no" has been and is presently well represented on the council. Why should they get two votes, two paychecks and possibly two pensions from the generosity of the citizens of Scottsdale? Enough is enough.

On the record

Each week Independent Newsmedia is asking questions of each candidate and running those responses in weekly installments atarizona.newszap.com and in the Scottsdale Independentnewspaper.

The tenth installment of the question-and-answer series is on what these candidates believe to be the city’s No. 1 economic development opportunity and if elected how they will work toward seeing that opportunity turn into a reality.

Bill Crawford

•What do you believe to be the No. 1 economic development opportunity for the city of Scottsdale?

Over 20 percent of Scottsdale’s residents are retirees; by far our most valuable and renewable resource. Scottsdale has long been a top nationwide contender as one of the most desirable places to retire. People who have worked hard all their lives love our desert climate and our low-slung skyline. When retirees move to Scottsdale, they make a considerable investment in real estate. The combined aggregate value of Scottsdale’s privately owned real property is by far the largest investment in the city. The population of Scottsdale is approximately 217,385. Twenty percent of the total is 43,471 seniors. Using the formula of 1.7 seniors per household, there are approximately 25,000 residences occupied by seniors. That is a powerful economic impact. They also bring their lifetime accumulation of wealth with them. They shop in Scottsdale’s stores, eat in our fine restaurants and attend our special events. They are patients in our vast health care system. They pay property taxes and sales tax. Their friends and family come to visit them and they spend money too. Retirees are compatible residents. They do not tax our public safety resources. They volunteer in faith based churches, schools, municipal services, hospitals, libraries, nonprofit organizations and they provide free labor for charity.

•If elected, how will you work to ensure that opportunity becomes a reality?

Seniors will continue coming to Scottsdale and investing as long as we keep our promise to our residents, maintain our quality of life and our brand. The path to Scottsdale is well traveled. The generation before us did a remarkable job of creating a positive image known the world over. That image is priceless. I am running for Scottsdale City Council to protect that image. I believe decisions to build massive, high density apartments, building an out of control bar district and ignoring our residents’ public safety and quality of life issues places that image at risk. Tall buildings rob us of our low-slung skyline and steal our scenic views. Jamming our streets with traffic from high density apartments snarls access to our city and stresses infrastructure. Out of control bars attract elements that compromise our public safety. I will work to reinforce our senior programs including our senior centers and transportation options. As I have done in the past, I will continue to do all I can to protect and preserve the quality of life we deserve and promote economic vitality that honors our Scottsdale heritage and builds a strong future. I will guard our valuable brand and I will keep our residents, neighborhoods and visitors safe. I have a proven track record for doing what’s right and getting things done.
Bill Crawford
Scottsdale City Candidate 2014

This is a very sad report from the bar district last night (06-29, 2014) a young girl with her life ahead of her broke her neck in the Bar District when the golf cart she was a passenger in flipped over. If I am elected to the Scottsale City Council I promise to clean up our doiwntown and I will keep you safe. 

This is the communication from the Scottsdale Police Depaerment: 

Logged By TJENSEN 
DR Number 14-14190 
Report Date 6/29/2014 
Report Time 0341 
Beat 6 
Location 4375 N. 75th street Scottsdale, AZ 
Victim Driver's side rear passenger-Natalie De Pace, W/F 06/19/1985 Gilbert resident (serious injury) Passenger side rear passenger-Paul Archer, B/M 03/27/1983 Tempe resident (minor injury) 
Suspect Vehicle 1996 Clubc Golfcart AZ-A M/CGW8 Driver-Akop Akopyan, W/M 05/31/1980 Phoenix resident (serious injury) 
Details Vehicle #1 was traveling south on 75th street approaching Stetson when it struck a slight depression in the roadway related to a construction cutout in the asphalt. Once the vehicle front tires struck this depression the front wheels broke off of the vehicle causing it to rollover. The driver suffered a broken ankle. (Unknown seatbelt use, but not secured properly to vehicle) The driver’s side rear passenger suffered a broken arm, broken neck and lost several teeth. (No seatbelt available for use in the vehicle) The passenger side rear passenger suffered minor abrasions, reported neck and back pain. (No seatbelt available for use in the vehicle) All patients treated at SHC Osborn. VCRU responded for disposition. Detective Houk is the case detective. Risk Management notified. Watch Commander on scene, TES Lieutenant notified. Roadway closed for approximately 5 hours. 

Pedi-Cab Accident Update

Author: bcrawford

There is an item scheduled to be quietly approved via the “Consent Agenda” at the Scottsdale City Council meeting on July 02, 2014. I am urging you to take notice. At the very least, I believe this matter should be publicly heard and discussed by the Council.
Cody Clark and Michael Tysver were two visitors from Kansas who came to watch the Fiesta Bowl. On January 04, 2013 they boarded a pedi-cab and were run down on Scottsdale Road by a drunk driver. They received critical injuries. Mr. Clark may spend the rest of his life in a skilled nursing facility. I believe these boys had a presumption that the transportation was regulated and safe.
For many months, Mr. Clark convalesced in Maricopa County Hospital. I don’t think anyone from the City ever reached out to him or his family.
I had warned Scottsdale leadership on numerous occasions prior to this tragedy that the pedi-cab situation was dangerous and needed regulation. I predicted it was only a matter of time before a catastrophic accident occurred. My warnings were ignored.
After this terrible crash, a reactive (not proactive) City Council belatedly passed an ordinance regulating pedi-cabs, making a repeat tragedy highly unlikely.
The law firm representing Mr. Clark, one of the victims, took my deposition in this case. The City’s attorney hired a private investigator to investigate me regarding my testimony. The City also hired an outside law firm who was present at my deposition and repeatedly challenged my testimony.
I believe other defendants in the case have settled with the injured parties. However, the City of Scottsdale has refused to admit guilt or settle. Some experts think the City has little or no chance of prevailing in this case.
According to a City Council report, the City has already spent $75,000.00 on outside legal fees with the firm of Struck Wieneke & Love. Not one cent has gone to the injured party. Now the City is quietly asking for $275,000 for additional legal fees to pay Struck Wieneke & Love.  Why aren’t they using City attorneys, whose salaries are already in the City budget?
Why is this item on the July 02, 2014 City Council Consent Agenda without any public discussion and no public comment? This tragic occurrence was well covered in the press. The City attorney's office has deemed "No public involvement necessary".  Since it’s our money and our City, I think public involvement is necessary.
Rumor has it that the City has been offered a settlement. What is it? Does the City Council even know if there is in fact a settlement offer?  Has the Council knowingly decided not to accept the settlement offer?  Have they knowingly decided to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars more litigating instead of settling?  It should also be noted, the City has significant insurance coverage in this matter.
One thing is certain. If the laws on the books now would have been on the books on January 04, 2013; this tragedy likely wouldn’t have happened.  I believe it’s time for the City to pony up and do the right thing for these kids who were Scottsdale’s guests.
July 02, 2014 Scottsdale City Council Meeting Consent Agenda Item: http://www.scottsdaleaz.gov/Asset54187.aspx
Bill Crawford


Scottsdale’s Most Important Asset

Author: bcrawford
Our greatest asset is by far our good name which is known the world over. There are lessons to be learned from this poem and the analogy between the son and the city council as custodians of the good name of Scottsdale. I remember this poem from my childhood (my father gave it to me) and it makes a powerful statement about the responsibility of caring for the name and reputation of Scottsdale.
"You got it from your father
It was all he had to give
So it's yours to use and cherish
For as long as you may live
If you lost the watch he gave you
It can always be replaced;
But a black mark on your name
Can never be erased
It was clean the day you took it
And a worthy name to bear
When he got it from his father
There was no dishonor there
So make sure you guard it wisely
After all is said and done
You'll be glad the name is spotless
When you give it to your son."
…unknown Author
The voters of Scottsdale and prior councils pass down to the mayor and council the good name of Scottsdale to take care of. I take that responsibility seriously.

My Goals 2014

Author: bcrawford

When elected I will be a strong voice to represent the citizens of Scottsdale. I believe the mayor and council majority appear to be non- responsive when it comes to residents and small business concerns and the decision making process regarding incompatible zoning, conditional use permits, public safety and quality of life. · Approve a General Plan that protects residents while promoting manageable growth. We must guard against a General Plan that is too specific and restrictive. Less detail. Less “all inclusive” less micromanagement and more of a “General Plan”. · Realign policy with the City of Scottsdale Charter. · Pro-active in protecting and preserving public safety and quality of life city-wide. · Ensure fiscal responsibility and transparency to the taxpayers. · Maintain our high standards regarding vibrant communities. Strengthen neighborhoods, especially residential components. This includes insuring compatibility with future developments impacting residential communities. Influence investment in public schools, parks and recreation and the Preserve. Stimulate revitalization and assist in developing businesses providing employment opportunities. · Complete the Preserve. This includes preserving our natural resources and environment. · Partner with the Scottsdale Unified School District to incentivize the district and neighborhoods to improve our school system overall. · Promote economic vitality and employment through tourism and business development. I will be there to promote and protect our valuable brand while ensuring compatibility and quality of life for our citizens. · Pass bonds that are appropriate for the financial needs regarding aging infrastructure and critical capital improvements. This is an important investment in Scottsdale’s future. · Develop and ensure our comprehensive financial plan is viable to fund capital improvements and replacement of aging infrastructure. Maintain our AAA bond rating and offer palatable, simple bond packages to the voters. Ensure we have adequate resources to finance our public safety programs and enhance transportation needs and parks and recreation amenities. · Achieve compatibility and public safety in the bar district. Our downtown is a critical component of our city-wide vision. If not balanced properly, we risk our quality of life, property values and our valuable Scottsdale brand. · Eliminate the opportunity for a property owner/developer to inflict intentional blight on a neighborhood for the purpose of moving a zoning change forward. · Institute a requirement for a completion bond or a predetermined stipulation for a sunset on entitlements if a project is not underway and or completed in a pre-set period of time to accompany an approval for large projects. As we have seen in the past, often the developer who is seeking the entitlements may not have the financial wherewithal to build the project. Sometimes they have no intention of building the project at all, but just want to package it and spin it off. If financing or a buyer is not obtainable, then the property sits vacant for years while it goes through the legal process. This can be eliminated with a completion bond. · Prioritize new business with economic development programs and simplification of the business development process free of burdensome rules, regulations and ordinances with the exception of public safety and quality of life. Adopt a business friendly attitude. Streamline the process and create incentives for relocation. Remove bureaucratic restrictions which serve as a disincentive for investment and job creation. As an experienced community leader, I understand balance is necessary so growth does not compromise and negatively impact surrounding neighborhoods. There needs to be a direct approach to compatibility. · Correct the unrealistic retirement payoffs and pension spiking programs for city employees.

Campaign is on the books!

Author: bcrawford


I am pleased to inform you that today 1,509 nomination petition signatures were filed with the Scottsdale City Clerk’s Office. As the last candidate to officially enter the race on April 21, 2014, I was able to gather fifty-percent more than the required signatures in the shortest period of time. This is an affirmation to the strength of my candidacy. Thank you!

During the last election, for various reasons, almost every organized political group worked hard to defeat my run for council. Now, many regret not voting for me. I hear things like; “We should have listened to Bill, everything he warned us about came true.” As you know, I have continued to work hard on multiple issues and I have been credited with making downtown Scottsdale a safer place.

The time has come: It’s time to elect Bill Crawford to Scottsdale City Council. I can balance the diversity in Scottsdale with public safety, quality of life, commerce and compatible development.

Thank you for your generous support. Now the heavy lift begins. If you feel your concerns and issues have been ignored, now is the time to support my campaign and help elect me to Scottsdale City Council. I believe I can do a better job of listening to and responding to the concerns of residents and business. The candidates unfriendly to residents are raising large amounts of money.

Please consider a campaign contribution to: Vote Bill Crawford. Campaign contribution checks can be written to Vote Bill Crawford for up to $2,500.00 per person. Any amount will be greatly appreciated. Please mail your check to Vote Bill Crawford, 4601 N. 73rd St., Unit 11, Scottsdale, AZ 85251.

Please help in my election. My actions speak louder than campaign promises.


Bill Crawford
Candidate for Scottsdale City Council 2014


Paid for by the Vote Bill Crawford Campaign Committee

Scottsdale Chamber remarks April 30, 2013

Author: bcrawford

Pedi-Cab Accident and your city attorney.

Author: bcrawford

I believe you should know how your city attorney is handling an injury case and how your tax dollars are being spent. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJSj5hI0FX4&list=UUyUTZcsTuhMvAT8bT66c_Gw

I was subpoenaed to testify regarding my warnings to the city regarding Ped-Cabs dangers. The Scottsdale City Attorney’s Office hired a private investigator to investigate me and a private law form to find fault with and challenge my testimony.

“This is wrong… it is shameful… One thing is for certain; If the laws that are on the books now (pertaining to Pedi-Cabs) had been in place when this accident occurred, it wouldn’t have happened and it couldn’t have happened.” Bill Crawford, City Council Meeting April 29, 2014.

Development Questions

Author: bcrawford

Here are two questions I recently received from a Scottsdale voter and my answers:

Is it necessary to balance the needs of developers and business owners with the needs and desires of current Scottsdale voters, or should the needs and desires of the voters always take precedent over the needs of the developers and business owners? There should be a serious effort to find a compromise, with the default position clearly giving the advantage to the residents, who are predominately voters. If the developers know this going in, we will have more resident compatible developments. At the present time, they ask for everything because the know there will be no or little resistance at the council. In the end, the residents should have the last word.

Can a city councilperson really serve two masters? Yes. This is where the skills of a seasoned businessman and negotiator can be put to use for the benefit of Scottsdale residents and the development community. Shaping the inevitability of progress is a difficult task. Shaping, influencing and forging compromise can prove to be a win-win for everyone.

Archery Hunting In Preserve

Author: bcrawford

With regards to archery hunting in the preserve; I have been doing some research on this issue. By definition, hunting live animals in a "Preserve" is a total contradiction. According to Webster's; preserve means to keep safe from harm or injury; protect or spare. The Preserve is an urban park filled with people, many visiting as tourists from eastern cities. Is the image wild pigs being slaughtered with primitive arrows what we want for our image? That's the face value, emotional side of the story. There is another side to this issue. An unmanaged explosion of havalina in the preserve would present another set of problems. This is why we need a study to find out where the facts are. If the population needs to be managed, is it a bad thing for the state to have people paying to participate in the management process?

Let's not turn this into a political football just yet. Please resist the temptation until the facts are in.

I have asked Governor Brewer and the Arizona Game and Fish Department to undertake a study so we can have an intelligent debate on this matter and find a resolution.

Scottsdale Chamber Questionnaire 2012

Author: bcrawford

City Council Candidate Questionnaire

Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce


Dear Candidate:

The Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce considers endorsement opportunities during every election cycle. This year the Board of Directors has voted NOT to offer endorsements in any city, county, state or federal race.  While not offering endorsements this cycle, the Chamber is asking candidates to fill out and submit candidate questionnaires which will be available to our members  and the public for their review as they make their decisions in the coming elections.

This questionnaire is designed to allow a candidate to address issues and challenges in a short, concise manner.  We ask that you return the questionnaire BY EMAIL to rkidder@scottsdalechamber.com on or before Monday, July 2, 2012.

Name:             Bill Crawford

Address:          4601 N. 73rd Street, Unit 11

Telephone:     602-576-6797

Email: votebillcrawford@aol.com

Years as a resident of Scottsdale: 16

Part I – Please provide clear and concise responses to the following questions. Bullet points, if illustrative of your position, are acceptable.

  1. List the top three issues facing Scottsdale in ranked order and provide bullet point steps to solve those issues.

1) A mayor, council and city staff nonresponsive to residents and small business concerns with incompatible zoning, conditional use permits and quality of life issues city wide.

  • Elect a resident friendly mayor and city council who recognize voters are the bosses and include them in the decision making process.
  • Direct city staff to balance development with quality of life.
  • There needs to be a conscious win-win approach to compatibility between residents and development.

2) Our downtown is a critical component of our city wide vision. The Entertainment District is out of control and threatens public safety, quality of life, the Scottsdale brand and property values. If not balanced appropriately, we risk our valuable brand and reputation. Excuses such as “vibrancy” and “struggling with success” are unacceptable. Action and solutions are long overdue.

  • Revisit and strengthen the noise ordinance so neighbors can secure the quiet peaceful enjoyment of their private property.  We need to create compatibility between residential, non-entertainment business and the entertainment district’s bars and nightclubs as it exists in other cities where there is compatibility resulting in cooperative thriving, successful entertainment districts that play by the rules.
  • Address critical parking and lighting problems. We can build a parking garage with a combination of funds from my proposed taxing district and a bond. We can create a special lighting district within the downtown bar area.
  • Properly fund, deploy and equip our law enforcement with clear public safety policy in the entertainment district.
  • Set standards, insist on accountability and implement consequences for bad players and offending business owners who repeatedly ignore the law and city codes, displaying a lack of conscience and the desire to be a good neighbor. When bad players are not held accountable it is overwhelming, frustrating and intimidating to the surrounding neighbors and degrades property values.  This lack of enforcement is bad public policy and unconscionable. If not addressed, this has far reaching consequences city wide.
  • Halt the rubber-stamp approval process of every bar and outdoor patio and conditional use permit request that comes before the planning commission.

     3) Job growth, economic revitalization within the business community, including McDowell Road.

  • Adopt a business friendly attitude. Remove bureaucratic government restrictions which serve as a disincentive for investment and job creation.
  • The private sector must be given the environment to solve this issue without the micro-management of government. I support development that is compatible with existing neighborhoods and supports quality of life, providing it is acceptable to the adjoining residential neighborhoods. Lack of consideration for residents and stakeholders should not be tolerated. I will support our diverse citizenry and facilitate reasonable, compatible quality growth and business opportunities that enhance Scottsdale.
  • As a 35 year business owner, I know growth and progress is inevitable and we need to respond accordingly to support our business community. As an experienced community leader, I understand balance is necessary so growth does not compromise and negatively impact surrounding neighborhoods. There needs to be a direct approach to compatibility.
  1. How should the City address ongoing budget challenges?  Please identify specific tactics.
  • For the record, I am the one who first petitioned the City of Scottsdale to appoint a city treasurer so that we would be in compliance with the city charter. Despite the initial resistance, it has served us well.
  • General review of city departments, programs and services.
  • I believe we are over staffed with mid-level management.
  • I believe we are missing an opportunity to collect sales tax on single residential rental units and on special event sales tax.
  • We must revisit unrealistic golden parachute retirement and early retirement packages not aligned with standards within the private sector.
  • We need to revisit the Budget Review Commission. This was a valuable organization that provided depth to the process.
  • Instead of spending every dime we have or receive, we need to institute a “Rainy Day Fund” enabling the city to operate for a period of time without having to borrow money. With a forced savings account for our city we will have the security of holding capital resources for tough economic times.
  1. Do you see problems with Scottsdale City government that you would commit to address? If so, please list what you see, and provide bullet point steps toward improvement.

1) The City of Scottsdale has lost its integrity to preserve neighborhoods and residential quality of life city wide.

  • Return the voice to the citizens of Scottsdale, the biggest overall stakeholder in our town.  Encourage citizen involvement.

2) Transparency. There is not adequate information available to the public regarding disclosure and accountability on budget and public safety matters.

  • Monthly line item expenditure reports available on line.
  • Weekly public safety and crime reports available on line. This information must be accurate so we do not create a false sense of security for the public. Scottsdale statistics saw a significant rise in overall crime between 2010 and 2011. Before you can solve a problem, you must acknowledge there is a problem.  Denial is counterproductive when addressing public safety issues.
  • City council meetings should be simultaneously broadcast via CCT to assembly areas in libraries and senior citizen centers city wide with the opportunity for citizens to make audible public comment.

3) Citizens are shut out of the process, issues are not addressed and their voice is not heard.

  • Citizen advocacy. It is extremely important to ensure citizens have a voice. There is a critical need for a citizen advocacy department within the city to provide counseling and balanced representation on compatibility issues related to unwelcomed developments affecting quality of life. At the present time, developers with seemingly unlimited financial resources have legal representation, public relation firms, political consultants and city staff to assist in expediting projects, sometimes resisted by neighborhoods. The individuals within the neighborhoods get three minutes before the dais. Some citizens, for various reasons, are unable to attend and participate at all. This is not fair. I will create a department that represents the interest of residents and businesses and empower their voice.
  1. What would you do to encourage and improve the business attraction efforts of Scottsdale?
  • We need to attract business that is compatible with our professional demographic and our quality of life.
  • There is a large amount of vacant commercial real estate available. We need to encourage businesses and landlords to fill the spaces and possibly incentivize the effort with a pro-business campaign.
  • Furthermore, we need to shorten the process of obtaining a certificate of occupancy and a business license in Scottsdale.
  1. Scottsdale is known for big ideas like the Preserve and the Indian Bend Wash. What do you think should be our city’s next big idea?
  • Our next big idea is appreciating what we have, why we live here and why others are attracted to come here. We must protect our world famous brand and our reputation as an upscale, sophisticated western desert community. We must protect and preserve our pristine image, unique lifestyle and quality of life and continue to promote economic vitality that honors Scottsdale’s heritage and builds a strong future.  We must continue to aggressively attract jobs, technology, research, medical, education, tourism, hospitality, dining, entertainment, arts, culture, events, cars, golf, horses and fun.  Marketing Scottsdale’s extraordinary diverse resources adds value to our 60 year brand.
  1. Describe your plan for the scope, scale and financing of the Desert Discovery Center.

I strongly believe the assemblage of the land while it is available is the absolute priority. It is the raw land that will be our timeless, priceless gift to future generations. The land will provide the outdoor Sonoran experience attracting people to Scottsdale to experience this unique treasure.

When the assemblage of the preserve is secure, then an appropriately sized, environmentally and neighborhood compatible structure can be developed using corporate sponsorship and privately donated funds.

  1. What are your vision and action steps for the revitalization of the McDowell Rd. Corridor?

We need to encourage and stimulate revitalization. Get government out of the way and let the private sector lead with initiative, ideas and financing. If there is a heavy lift project that meets the criteria for compatibility, enhancement, job creation and quality of life then I will support measured assistance as needed.

  1. What changes are necessary to see a successful passage of the city’s General Plan?

The guideline is very simple. It must be resident friendly. Scottsdale has lost the cognitive vision of where we came from, what we are and where we are going. The general plan must be compatible with our city wide vision. It must not disenfranchise the residents and it must protect quality of life and property values. We need to maintain a delicate balance between quality of life issues, a healthy environment and sustainable economic vitality.

  1. Do you support the bond proposal to assist in repairing Scottsdale’s aging infrastructure?

Yes, when it can be demonstrated the repairs are warranted. I especially support a funding mechanism for a downtown parking garage within the bar district.

  1. Downtown has become an important economic driver again with the entertainment district and improved employment centers. How do you feel that issues related to Downtown’s transformation be addressed?

The success of the Galleria Corporate Centre, The Waterfront, Southbank, new residential components and fine restaurants is all positive. Paring the highest concentration of bars in Maricopa County within the same area without proper planning is bad policy.  As a downtown Scottsdale resident, business owner and community leader who has been involved in many issues over the years, my comprehension of the seriousness of this matter has compelled me to proactively engage this problem and work for solutions. The problems in the entertainment district earned the recognition from The Scottsdale Republic as the story of the year for 2011. My involvement as a problem solver earned me a spot on the front page of the Scottsdale Republic Title: “2011’s Who’s Who. The December 29, 2011 edition of the Scottsdale Republic said:  “Scottsdale businessman Bill Crawford is leading a campaign to tackle excessive noise, trash and “rampant illegal activity” in the city’s downtown entertainment district.” The vision shift for downtown Scottsdale is the biggest issue in the history of Scottsdale, and it is certainly the biggest issue we face.  The founder of Scottsdale, Winfield Scott, was a very religious, conservative man who brought to Scottsdale family values and moral convictions. Scottsdale has always been a safe, family oriented community. Those values are being sold out and replaced with businesses catering to a non-stop party atmosphere in the middle of our residential and workplace neighborhoods.  As the founder and president of the Association to Preserve Downtown Scottsdale’s Quality of Life, I have diligently embraced this issue and have educated the public and the media causing awareness and bringing positive change to the city. I have witnessed and been the messenger of many shocking events in the entertainment district firsthand. This is REAL, see for yourself, a picture is worth a thousand words:

View YouTube videos and news reports on the Scottsdale Bar District site; ScottsdaleBarWars:


View photographic albums on the Scottsdale Bar District facebook site:


See local police reports:  www.raidsonline.com

Downtown Scottsdale belongs to all of us, and is unique in the fact  that we have existing quality residential neighborhoods bordering our downtown. The city’s negligence and lack of planning has caused a bars vs. neighbors battle. This is irresponsible and a betrayal to the established residential neighbors, non-entertainment businesses and their customers. These neighbors are engaged in a hostile encounter with some offending bars and their patrons. The result of not addressing this issue will result in a compromised quality of life. Unchecked, property values will decline. Ownership will shift to speculative assemblers, renting to a demographic foreign to Scottsdale. The end result is declining property values, urban blight and increase in crime. The bars must be forced to operate within the standards acceptable to Scottsdale’s brand and coexist compatibility with existing residential neighborhoods and the non-entertainment business community. The entertainment district is out of control. We must realign the entertainment district with our vision and brand and address the critical issues. We have made progress, but there is more work to be done.

With my criticisms, I offer solutions:

  • Revisit and strengthen the noise ordinance so neighbors can secure the quiet peaceful enjoyment of their private property.  We need to create compatibility between residential, non-entertainment business and the entertainment district’s bars and nightclubs as it exists in other cities where there is compatibility resulting in cooperative thriving, successful entertainment districts that play by the rules.
  • Address critical parking and lighting problems. We can build a parking garage with a combination of funds from my proposed taxing district and a bond. We can create a special lighting district within the downtown bar area.
  • Properly fund, deploy and equip our law enforcement with clear public safety policy in the entertainment district.
  • Set standards, insist on accountability and implement consequences for bad players and offending business owners who repeatedly ignore the law and city codes, displaying a lack of conscience and the desire to be a good neighbor. When bad players are not held accountable it is overwhelming, frustrating and intimidating to the surrounding neighbors and degrades property values.  This lack of enforcement is bad public policy and unconscionable. If not addressed, this has far reaching consequences city wide.
  • Halt the rubber-stamp approval process of every bar and outdoor patio and conditional use permit request that comes before the planning commission.

Part II – Included with your completed questionnaire, please submit the following:

  1. Any published My Turn/Guest Columns for either local paper or any on-line publication.

Attachment #1 (See Facebook Page: Vote Bill Crawfodr / Albums: Colums

  1. A list of all city offices or volunteer positions held (e.g. Boards, Commissions, Task Forces, etc.)
  • National Fitness Hall of Fame Inductee 2012.
  • Member of the National Fitness Hall of Fame.
  • Regional seven state Director of The National Association of Fitness Enthusiasts.
  • Member of the American College of Sports Medicine.
  • Founder and president of The Association to Preserve Downtown Scottsdale’s Quality of Life.
  • President of Olive View Manor Home Owner’s Association.
  • Member of the USSA Ski and Snowboarding Team Foundation.
  • Former member of the USSA Rocky Mountain Division Alpine Expert Elite Downhill Division.
  • Former committee member of the U.S. Olympic Committee, Los Angeles, California.
  • Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office:

  Board Member of the McDowell Mounted Search and Rescue Posse.

  Member of the Mounted Search and Rescue Posse of McDowell Mountain; 2008-2012.

  Member of the Qualified Armed Posse.

  Member of the Dignitary Protection Unit.

  Qualified for Rifle Duty AR-15.

  Mounted Posse Rookie of the Year 2008.

  Overall High Point Leader 2010.

  Platoon Point Leader 2010.

  Top Six 2011.

  • Certified Basic Search and Rescue Academy, Yavapai County Sherriff’s Office, Arizona.
  • Directly responsible for saving 4 lives, 3 in Maricopa County.
  • Former Candidate for Scottsdale City Council.
  • Former Board of Directors member of the Scottsdale Symphony Orchestra, Scottsdale, Arizona.
  • Former Chairman of Council Districts for Scottsdale in Scottsdale, Arizona.
  • Former member of the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce Public Policy Committee, Scottsdale, Arizona.
  • Former member of the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Committee, Scottsdale, Arizona.
  • Former president of Canals of Scottsdale Merchants Association.
  • Former Board of Directors member of the Fort Myers Beach Chamber of Commerce, Fort Myers Beach, Florida.
  • Volunteer Ouray Mountain Rescue Team 1986-1990, Ouray, Colorado.
  • Volunteer Ouray Fire Department 1986-1990, Ouray, Colorado.
  1. Resume of your work experience.

View Bill Crawford’s Resume on line: http://www.votebillcrawford.net/downloads/bcrawford2010.pdf

Part III – Answer the following:  AGREE or DISAGREE plus EXPLANATION and/or STRATEGY:

1. Scottsdale has clearly articulated redevelopment goals and policies.


The defeat of the General Plan was a clear example of Scottsdale’s failure to properly get the message out, subjecting the voters to the anecdotal influence of the opposition. The ambiguous, clever and sometimes deceptive language used to articulate the intentions of development guidelines has cultured a mistrust and frustration of policy. Honest, forthright, comprehensible explanations and guidelines should be used in all cases. The truth always works, because eventually everyone figures it out anyway and credibility is lost.

2. Regional partnerships are essential for Scottsdale’s growth and sustainability.


As a general policy I disagree. As an exception on a case by case basis, I reserve judgment. Scottsdale’s unique individual character that sets us apart from the greater Phoenix area is a product of resistance to regional policy over a long period of time and it has served us well. Scottsdale is a special place. We pay more to own a home here and we pay more to own a business here. The message to the region should be a welcome to rise to the high standards of Scottsdale without compromising our brand, reputation or quality of life.

3. Scottsdale needs zoning changes that allow for increased height or density in defined areas of the city.


As a general policy I disagree.  There are rare qualifying exceptions, which need to be judged on a case by case basis on the merits of the individual characteristics, needs and above all the compatibly impact on established residential neighborhoods. This means there might be an exception.  You can’t say yes to everything and you can’t say no to everything.  A policy of “no” without compromise or solutions is self-destructive. A rubber-stamp policy of “yes” without compromise and compatibility is self-destructive.

4. Compared to other valley communities, Scottsdale’s regulatory and environmental processes adversely affects the city’s economic growth potential.


The culture within the city management is contrary to the needs of development and business startups. This is an opinion shared by business in general and has been a disincentive for business development in Scottsdale. In many cases, businesses have either left Scottsdale in frustration or chosen to develop elsewhere in the competitive marketplace to avoid costly compliance and delays. The bureaucratic process needs common sense and resiliency.

5. Scottsdale must protect and enhance its distinctive (quality) brand image and preeminent position within the valley.


Protect our valuable reputation as the most livable city where quality of life is paramount. This is done by adhering to high standards, height, density and code enforcement, specifically in the entertainment district and surrounding areas. The enhancement is furthered by carefully approving projects that fit Scottsdale’s character and enhance quality of life city wide. We must resist the temptation to be pulled into regional “one size fits all” plans that dilute our character and brand. We must continue to invest in and protect the strong characteristics that have made us the stand out community in Arizona.

6. Scottsdale should continue to develop and invest in arts and culture, including through private development contribution to public art.


The arts are a cornerstone for Scottsdale’s brand known throughout the world. The arts and the arts district deserve our utmost attention, protection and support. Scottsdale’s art galleries are an anchor, attracting a sophisticated, world class demographic.  Unfortunately the private development contribution has been selectively enforced lately. Some developers are given a pass on the public art contribution component requirement. I believe in enforcing the public art contribution requirement.








Old Campaign Related Story:

Author: bcrawford

Sheriff Arpaio Endorses Bill Crawford

Author: bcrawford

Click on the link to view Sheriff Joe Arpaio endorse Bill Crawford for Scottsdale City Council 2012.


Campaign News May 24, 2012

Author: bcrawford

Here is some news from The Vote Bill Crawford Campaign:

1) Bill Crawford and three others file nomination petitions with the Scottsdale City Clerk's Office.
Click here: 4 vying for Scottsdale election file petitions: http://www.azcentral.com/community/scottsdale/articles/2012/05/22/20120522scottsdale-election-candidates-file-petitions.html

2) Sheriff Arpaio's Introduction and endorsement speech for Bill Crawford at The Galleria Corporate Centre on May 22, 2012: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OODRzNoolSw

3) Part 1 of Bill Crawford's Scottsdale City Council Campaign kick-off speech at The Galleria Corporate Centre in Scottsdale on May 22, 2012: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etSx-VKRHL8

4) Part 2 of Bill Crawford's Scottsdale City Council Campaign kick-off speech at The Galleria Corporate Centre in Scottsdale on May 22, 2012: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CPC-UUk7rH8

5) The Campaign Kick-Off was a big success. Contributions exceeded the projection. Watch for Bill's Campaign Finance Report.

6) Photos of Bill Crawford's Scottsdale City Council Campaign kick-off speech at The Galleria Corporate Centre in Scottsdale on May 22, 2012 are on the facebook Link.

1,959 Nomination Signatures Filed Today

Author: bcrawford
May 18, 2012
Scottsdale, AZ, Bill Crawford, Candidate for Scottsdale City Council in the 2012 election filed 1,959 nomination signatures today with the Scottsdale City Clerk's Office. The requirement is 1,000 signatures.

Bill said, " As a downtown resident and 35 year business owner, I have the knowledge, experience and skills to achieve compatibility with the diversity in Scottsdale. This is a serious election, the stakes are high. I have committed the time, dedication and proven track record for getting things done. My presence on the city council is extremely important in order to protect, insure and preserve Scottsdale’s quality of life and promote vitality compatible with our valuable brand."

He also expressed his gratitude for all the people who helped him in the signature gathering process. Bill looks forward to the voters of Scottsdale exercising their opportunity to speak in the upcoming election.


Villa Monterey Candidate Forum Follow-Up

Author: bcrawford

From Bill Crawford:
Thank you for the opportunity to address you, my neighbors, on Saturday, May 12, 2012.
• I have a strong work ethic, sense of responsibility and a conscience. This is what has kept me in business for myself for over 35 years.
• My platform is not just promises of what I will do, but I have a proven track record of what I have done. I didn’t just pop-up on the playing field; I have been present and active in community issues for many years.
• I am your neighbor. I actually live in the neighborhood and have owned a business in downtown Scottsdale since 1997.
• Because of my pro-active approach and efforts outside the council as a citizen, I have achieved results for the neighborhood in many areas:
1) Permit parking ordinance, new lighted parking lot on 6th Ave. and shared parking in The Galleria Corporate Centre
2) Anti-littering ordinance
3) Anti-defecation and urination ordinance
4) An awareness of the problems in the entertainment district
5) The removal of the blight on 73rd Street
It has been stated I am a “one issue” candidate. Since the founding of The Scottsdale Republic, I have written more “My Turn” Columns than anyone. Here are many of the issues I have been involved in:
1. I founded and chaired Council Districts for Scottsdale Committee 2004. After being placed on the ballot, the voters spoke against districting.
2. I worked on the noise ordinance.
3. As a 2004 campaign issue, I advocated for the remodeling of the neglected Coronado High School as the best way to ignite revitalization in the neighborhood.
4. I have been a constant advocate for the completion of the preserve.
5. Before I understood the resolve of The Villa Monterey HOA, I advocated for the widening of Chaparral Road.
6. I was the first to start the conversation and I petitioned the city for a treasurer.
7. I petitioned the city to tear down the slums on 73rd Street at the Solis Site, and with the help of the late Tony Nelssen the developer paid one million dollars to clean off the blight.
8. I worked for the hockey arena.
9. I worked for the approval of the Tony Nelssen Equestrian Center.
10. I advocated for freedom of speech issues concerning campaign signage during an election process.
11. I brought attention to the thoughtless disruption of business regarding the mismanagement of city street improvement projects and brought about a change in policy.
12. I campaigned for Blue Sky, and other projects to stimulate downtown economic vitality. Scottsdale has now reached its capacity for appropriate tolerance for height and density.
13. My work for equine safety improvements at the McDowell Mountain Preserve got results.
14. I founded and chaired The Association To Preserve Downtown Scottsdale’s Quality Of Life.
15. I started the first Farmer’s Market in Old Town while serving on the downtown Merchants Association.
16. When I was a Scottsdale Chamber member, I sat on the public policy board and the economic development board. I later turned down The Chamber’s endorsement for my candidacy in the 2004 Scottsdale City Council Race.
17. I worked on opposing building the Giants facility in south Scottsdale’s Coronado golf- residential neighborhood and pushed to have it built in its present location where it is successful and compatible.
18. I have worked for two terms on the Board of Directors of The Sheriff’s Mounted Posse Of McDowell Mountain (formerly Scottsdale Mounted Sheriff’s Posse).
19. I was recently inducted into The National Fitness Hall of Fame Class of 2012 for my life’s work and accomplishments in the Health and Fitness Industry.
• It has been stated that I am pro height and density. Because of my business background, there have been certain projects I have supported because of value they bring to the big, long term composite of Scottsdale. At the present time, I believe we have reached the capacity and tolerance for height and density in downtown Scottsdale. It’s time to concentrate on quality and enhancement of quality of life.
• Chaparral Road. The community of Villa Monterey has spoken loud and clear on this issue. Fighting the problems of the entertainment district has taught me empathy and understanding. I stand with Villa Monterey on this issue.
I have spent my entire life volunteering for causes I believe in. Over the last few years, I have focused on downtown Scottsdale because there is a critical problem. Because of this effort, residents and businesses in downtown Scottsdale now have a powerful and effective voice. I have literally stuck my neck out for the neighborhood and I have accomplished much. However, there is much work to do in order to protect the quality of life we deserve for all of Scottsdale.
My presence on The Scottsdale City Council is extremely important in order to protect and preserve Scottsdale’s quality of life and promote economic vitality compatible with Scottsdale’s valuable brand. This is a serious campaign. The stakes are high for Scottsdale. I have committed the time, dedication and proven track record for getting things done. I need your vote to get a council seat to finish the job.
Thank you for your consideration,
Bill Crawford
Scottsdale City Council Candidate 2012