Scottsdale’s Most Important Asset

Author: bcrawford
Our greatest asset is by far our good name which is known the world over. There are lessons to be learned from this poem and the analogy between the son and the city council as custodians of the good name of Scottsdale. I remember this poem from my childhood (my father gave it to me) and it makes a powerful statement about the responsibility of caring for the name and reputation of Scottsdale.
"You got it from your father
It was all he had to give
So it's yours to use and cherish
For as long as you may live
If you lost the watch he gave you
It can always be replaced;
But a black mark on your name
Can never be erased
It was clean the day you took it
And a worthy name to bear
When he got it from his father
There was no dishonor there
So make sure you guard it wisely
After all is said and done
You'll be glad the name is spotless
When you give it to your son."
…unknown Author
The voters of Scottsdale and prior councils pass down to the mayor and council the good name of Scottsdale to take care of. I take that responsibility seriously.

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