Villa Monterey Candidate Forum Follow-Up

Author: bcrawford

From Bill Crawford:
Thank you for the opportunity to address you, my neighbors, on Saturday, May 12, 2012.
• I have a strong work ethic, sense of responsibility and a conscience. This is what has kept me in business for myself for over 35 years.
• My platform is not just promises of what I will do, but I have a proven track record of what I have done. I didn’t just pop-up on the playing field; I have been present and active in community issues for many years.
• I am your neighbor. I actually live in the neighborhood and have owned a business in downtown Scottsdale since 1997.
• Because of my pro-active approach and efforts outside the council as a citizen, I have achieved results for the neighborhood in many areas:
1) Permit parking ordinance, new lighted parking lot on 6th Ave. and shared parking in The Galleria Corporate Centre
2) Anti-littering ordinance
3) Anti-defecation and urination ordinance
4) An awareness of the problems in the entertainment district
5) The removal of the blight on 73rd Street
It has been stated I am a “one issue” candidate. Since the founding of The Scottsdale Republic, I have written more “My Turn” Columns than anyone. Here are many of the issues I have been involved in:
1. I founded and chaired Council Districts for Scottsdale Committee 2004. After being placed on the ballot, the voters spoke against districting.
2. I worked on the noise ordinance.
3. As a 2004 campaign issue, I advocated for the remodeling of the neglected Coronado High School as the best way to ignite revitalization in the neighborhood.
4. I have been a constant advocate for the completion of the preserve.
5. Before I understood the resolve of The Villa Monterey HOA, I advocated for the widening of Chaparral Road.
6. I was the first to start the conversation and I petitioned the city for a treasurer.
7. I petitioned the city to tear down the slums on 73rd Street at the Solis Site, and with the help of the late Tony Nelssen the developer paid one million dollars to clean off the blight.
8. I worked for the hockey arena.
9. I worked for the approval of the Tony Nelssen Equestrian Center.
10. I advocated for freedom of speech issues concerning campaign signage during an election process.
11. I brought attention to the thoughtless disruption of business regarding the mismanagement of city street improvement projects and brought about a change in policy.
12. I campaigned for Blue Sky, and other projects to stimulate downtown economic vitality. Scottsdale has now reached its capacity for appropriate tolerance for height and density.
13. My work for equine safety improvements at the McDowell Mountain Preserve got results.
14. I founded and chaired The Association To Preserve Downtown Scottsdale’s Quality Of Life.
15. I started the first Farmer’s Market in Old Town while serving on the downtown Merchants Association.
16. When I was a Scottsdale Chamber member, I sat on the public policy board and the economic development board. I later turned down The Chamber’s endorsement for my candidacy in the 2004 Scottsdale City Council Race.
17. I worked on opposing building the Giants facility in south Scottsdale’s Coronado golf- residential neighborhood and pushed to have it built in its present location where it is successful and compatible.
18. I have worked for two terms on the Board of Directors of The Sheriff’s Mounted Posse Of McDowell Mountain (formerly Scottsdale Mounted Sheriff’s Posse).
19. I was recently inducted into The National Fitness Hall of Fame Class of 2012 for my life’s work and accomplishments in the Health and Fitness Industry.
• It has been stated that I am pro height and density. Because of my business background, there have been certain projects I have supported because of value they bring to the big, long term composite of Scottsdale. At the present time, I believe we have reached the capacity and tolerance for height and density in downtown Scottsdale. It’s time to concentrate on quality and enhancement of quality of life.
• Chaparral Road. The community of Villa Monterey has spoken loud and clear on this issue. Fighting the problems of the entertainment district has taught me empathy and understanding. I stand with Villa Monterey on this issue.
I have spent my entire life volunteering for causes I believe in. Over the last few years, I have focused on downtown Scottsdale because there is a critical problem. Because of this effort, residents and businesses in downtown Scottsdale now have a powerful and effective voice. I have literally stuck my neck out for the neighborhood and I have accomplished much. However, there is much work to do in order to protect the quality of life we deserve for all of Scottsdale.
My presence on The Scottsdale City Council is extremely important in order to protect and preserve Scottsdale’s quality of life and promote economic vitality compatible with Scottsdale’s valuable brand. This is a serious campaign. The stakes are high for Scottsdale. I have committed the time, dedication and proven track record for getting things done. I need your vote to get a council seat to finish the job.
Thank you for your consideration,
Bill Crawford
Scottsdale City Council Candidate 2012

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