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Each week Independent Newsmedia is asking questions of each candidate and running those responses in weekly installments atarizona.newszap.com and in the Scottsdale Independentnewspaper.

The tenth installment of the question-and-answer series is on what these candidates believe to be the city’s No. 1 economic development opportunity and if elected how they will work toward seeing that opportunity turn into a reality.

Bill Crawford

•What do you believe to be the No. 1 economic development opportunity for the city of Scottsdale?

Over 20 percent of Scottsdale’s residents are retirees; by far our most valuable and renewable resource. Scottsdale has long been a top nationwide contender as one of the most desirable places to retire. People who have worked hard all their lives love our desert climate and our low-slung skyline. When retirees move to Scottsdale, they make a considerable investment in real estate. The combined aggregate value of Scottsdale’s privately owned real property is by far the largest investment in the city. The population of Scottsdale is approximately 217,385. Twenty percent of the total is 43,471 seniors. Using the formula of 1.7 seniors per household, there are approximately 25,000 residences occupied by seniors. That is a powerful economic impact. They also bring their lifetime accumulation of wealth with them. They shop in Scottsdale’s stores, eat in our fine restaurants and attend our special events. They are patients in our vast health care system. They pay property taxes and sales tax. Their friends and family come to visit them and they spend money too. Retirees are compatible residents. They do not tax our public safety resources. They volunteer in faith based churches, schools, municipal services, hospitals, libraries, nonprofit organizations and they provide free labor for charity.

•If elected, how will you work to ensure that opportunity becomes a reality?

Seniors will continue coming to Scottsdale and investing as long as we keep our promise to our residents, maintain our quality of life and our brand. The path to Scottsdale is well traveled. The generation before us did a remarkable job of creating a positive image known the world over. That image is priceless. I am running for Scottsdale City Council to protect that image. I believe decisions to build massive, high density apartments, building an out of control bar district and ignoring our residents’ public safety and quality of life issues places that image at risk. Tall buildings rob us of our low-slung skyline and steal our scenic views. Jamming our streets with traffic from high density apartments snarls access to our city and stresses infrastructure. Out of control bars attract elements that compromise our public safety. I will work to reinforce our senior programs including our senior centers and transportation options. As I have done in the past, I will continue to do all I can to protect and preserve the quality of life we deserve and promote economic vitality that honors our Scottsdale heritage and builds a strong future. I will guard our valuable brand and I will keep our residents, neighborhoods and visitors safe. I have a proven track record for doing what’s right and getting things done.
Bill Crawford
Scottsdale City Candidate 2014

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